I want to share the joy of finding the answers to the questions I've been searching for my whole life.
Both “True Love” and “True Freedom” Can Only Be Obtained By Winning the Spiritual Battle.
Both “True Love” and “True Freedom” Can Only Be Obtained By Winning the Spiritual Battle.

Both “True Love” and “True Freedom” Can Only Be Obtained By Winning the Spiritual Battle.

Florida Governor DeSantis, considered one of the Republican candidates for the 2024 presidential election, has positioned himself as Trump’s successor.

It is clear to the reader of RAPT理論+α (rapt-plusalpha.com), the news site based on the RAPT theory that DeSantis is one of the Illuminati who mislead with only a handful of truths (ex. Corona lies).

Note: The Rapt theory, like the Bible, was written under the inspiration of God and is a new study that brilliantly reveals the workings of this world created by the Illuminati (Satanist Jews). https://www.instagram.com/p/Ce2qe49u_MM/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

〇Florida Governor: “We must end the Corona Theater. If you want to wear a mask, that’s fine, but it’s ridiculous,” he told the high school students. 米フロリダ州知事「我々はコロナ劇場を終わらせなくてはならない。マスクを着けたければそれでもいいが、馬鹿げている」と高校生たちに訴え

However, what I have learned from the right-leaning ideologues who have come out in support of DeSantis over the mandatory vaccination in Canada, I have come to understand that they are simply revolutionaries who like to fight.

With the weakening of the vaccination mandate, their next battle theme seems to be shifting to “the dangers of 5G”.

A friend of mine asked me, “You know the area? I heard that the 5G tower over there blew up.”

I said, “You know Fukushima? It smells just like that one.”

〇 “Electromagnetic radiation is dangerous!” was a lie! Only RAPT theory can triumph over fraudsters who set clever traps (testimony of Mina, the Twelve Disciples)「電磁波は危険!」は嘘だった!! 巧妙な罠を仕掛けてくる詐欺師たちに勝利できるのはRAPT理論だけ(十二弟子・ミナさんの証)

When the Fukushima nuclear plant exploded in 2011, the Japanese government successfully evacuated people and took their land to build smart cities, one of the same reasons why the Corona pandemic was triggered.

〇The Corona Pandemic Was Planned by Deguchi Oninzaburo of Oomoto!【完全解明!!】コロナパンデミックは、大本教・出口王任三郎の計画的犯行だった!!(KAWATAのブログより再掲)

〇Corona pandemic was a terrorist attack by the Chinese Communist Party!【第26回】ミナのラジオ – “コロナ”は中国共産党の起こしたテロだった!! – ゲスト•RAPTさん | RAPT理論+α (rapt-plusalpha.com)

In fact, Deguchi Ohnisaburo (to the left) of Li family (the Chinese Jews) looks a lot like Xi Jinping (to the right).


Trump called Corona as “China virus” but doesn’t say they a terrorist attack by the Chinese Communist Party and many of Trump supporters like “Qanon” or “The Line Canada (the spinoff of Qanon)” they don’t disclose that Trump is one of the Illuminati families who work together with the globalist or Cabal and fight against each other for their interests.

“Trump is not a Hero” – The Beginning of our Liberation from the Brainwashing Created by Satan through the Illuminati.

Therefore, even if you were able to avoid vaccination, you cannot escape from all or other Illuminati lies, and as they brainwash you, you are always in battle mode.

It is painful to see how their thinking is controlled by Satan through the Illuminati (both left and right), but are they not seeking the truth after all?

In any case, the main purpose of the Illuminati, which has been waging a battle throughout the world with the grating words of the slogan of the American and French Revolutions, “Liberty, Equality, and Flatanitie,” has been to divide people and make them fight, while losing sight of the truth, in other words, keeping people away from the truth.

Is Trump the No.1 agent of the Chinese Communist Party? He Succeeded in Turning People Away from God.

* * *

After several years of hearing their side of the story as the truth, I became exclusive to those who did not share the same opinion and wondered if the truth makes people exclusive or violent?

However, when I came across the RATP blog and Trump was clearly mentioned as being a member of the Illuminati, many of my questions became clear.

More importantly, when I realized that the Illuminati were getting their ideas for pandemics, wars and all other lies like nucluear threat from Satan, I realized that we, the people, have a God!

〇”All the lies of science lead to nuclear power.” RAPT×読者対談〈第69弾〉科学の嘘はすべて原発に通ずる。

In fact, as I began to follow the Word that RAPT-san proclaims, I realized that I had lived my life without knowing anything about the world, let alone my purpose in life, and that all the advice I had received from others was the opposite of God’s thought.

“Do what is best for you.” “Money makes money.” “This is how you can easily make money.” “You can’t be perfect.” etc.

〇”I was freed from the brainwashing of the Illuminati that says, “How you can easily ●●●…,” and began to feel genuine happiness by living for God (testimony of KAWATA-san, a Twelve Disciple).” 「楽して〇〇〇できる」というイルミナティの洗脳から解かれ、神様のために命懸けで努力することで本物の幸福を噛みしめられるようになった(十二弟子・KAWATAさんの証)

They do not know that the Illuminati come from Satanism, which makes people sin to keep them from waking up to the truth.

What the Illuminati have done to people is beyond criminal.and “divide and conquer” is the way to create a communist world, where truth does not exist and people must live in constant anxiety and worry without knowing the right answers.

“Divide and Conquer” Caused by the Jesus Movement by Hippies. This is How Communist Society is created.

This is not the time to be divided and become their army.

The Connection between Trump, KonMari, Shintoism, New Age Spirituality and Satanism. How the World is Ruled by the Illuminati and their Children.

* * *

Everything arises from the spirit world. In fact, I learned from the Word that RAPT-san proclaimed this world is a part of the spiritual world.

“How to fundamentally destroy Satanists. It starts with knowing the secrets of the “spiritual world”.

〇”The heavens and the earth are actually infinite in size. The earth we live on is not all there is. God can still reign as God because countless millions of people worship Him.” RAPT有料記事636(2022年3月14日)天と地は実は無限の広さだ。私たちの住んでいる地球だけが全てではない。神様が今でも神様として君臨できるのは、数え切れないほど大勢の人々が神様を崇めているからだ。

* * *

In the end times, a multitude of false prophets will appear, speaking only a handful of truths to attract attention and to thwart mankind’s union with God. Knowing such workings of Satan, let us pray and ask mightily that all truths will be spread throughout the world and many people will be connected to God and saved. – RAPT Morning Prayer on Thursday, June 23, 2022

The RAPT Blog, which freed me from the Satan/Illuminati lies that were the source of my anxiety and worry.

We have lived for a long time in a world where God’s love has been replaced by Satan’s love. This includes love between men and women and LGBT.

〇”Sexual promiscuity disrupts civilization. On its principles.” RAPT | 性の乱れが文明を崩壊させる。その原理について。

Brainwashing that Love is Wonderful. True Love does not Come from Romance.

Truth and love are two sides of the same coin.

I think most people think what’s wrong with romantic relationships between men and women, and I thought so too until I found the RAPT blog. But I know this to be true because I received the Holy Spirit when I repented of my relationship.

〇”On the sin of romantic relationship and the blessings used by the Lord.” RAPT有料記事118(2016年11月7日)異性の罪について、または主に使われる祝福について。

However, this does not mean that a man and a woman should not get married, but there is a right way of marriage that God has set for us.

〇”There are three great blessings that God has prepared for mankind.” RAPT有料記事44(2016年2月22日) 神様が人類に用意した三つの大きな祝福。

I learned that if we first love God by following His Word, grow in spirit, which is the purpose for which we were born, and marry as a blessing from God, the marriage will not only absolutely work, but we will also learn and grow from each other.

Hearing this, the desire to get married that I had given up on was reawakened in me.

〇When those who believe in the Lord marry each other, they can learn from each other and from the children born to them, and they can grow infinitely. Therefore, the Lord desires marriages between righteous people, and He infinitely blesses the righteous who actually marry. RAPT有料記事645(2022年4月23日)主を信じる者どうしが結婚すると、お互いからも生まれた子供からも学んで、限りなく成長することができる。だから主は、義人どうしの結婚を望まれ、実際に結婚した義人たちを限りなく祝福される。


Thus, as I began to live according to His Word proclaimed by RAPT-san and strive to be enlightened daily, not only was I freed from all burdens of anxiety and worry, but now I am able to live a life full of hope.

I can’t help but pray that the RAPT blog will reach people all over the world.

It connected me to God when I was brainwashed to believe there was no God.

〇Vol. 637 From now on, this world will be full of confusion and many false prophets will appear to deceive people, but the Lord’s judgment will also be done with unlimited power. RAPT | RAPT有料記事637(2022年3月21日)これからこの世の中は混乱に満たされ、偽預言者も大勢現れて人々を惑わすが、主の裁きも無限の力で敢行されるだろう。

The introduction of the above translated are follows:

This year, the Corona travesty continues as solemnly as ever, and moreover, the travesty in Ukraine is currently being reported with great liveliness on a daily basis.

Therefore, the world is in turmoil and chaos, but all this is due to the evil footsteps of Satan and the Illuminati.

Since the end of last year, the Illuminati have been severely judged by the Lord, and this year will be the year when even more severe judgment will fall on their heads.

Therefore, their evil footsteps will be even more intense in the future, and among them, many false prophets will appear and mislead people, especially through the work of Satan.

They will try to draw people away from God by telling stories similar to the Word I preach.

Real prophets work to connect people to God, but false prophets try to separate people from God.

This is how we can distinguish between a real prophet and a false prophet.

And while those who live according to the words of a real prophet will not be caught up in the turmoil of the world and will always be filled with the Lord’s authority and live in joy and hope, those who listen to a false prophet will lose peace of mind and will live in despair.

And ultimately, both Satan and the Illuminati, and those who are deceived by them and do evil, will perish in infinite judgment by the Lord’s great authority.

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