I want to share the joy of finding the answers to the questions I've been searching for my whole life.
“If you don’t understand religion, you don’t even understand science.”
“If you don’t understand religion, you don’t even understand science.”

“If you don’t understand religion, you don’t even understand science.”

The law written in the Bible seems invisible, but it is always around us.

By studying and practicing the Word in the Bible, the Word that Rapt-san proclaims, that invisible law becomes the Word of God, the heavenly way, for all things visible.


I would like to share a testimony from the link below:



RAPT Paid Article 279 (May 26, 2018) Those who lived a hellish life on earth will live a hellish life in the spirit world after death, and those who lived a heavenly life on earth will live a heavenly life in the spirit world after death.

“Parents die in childhood, parents divorce.”
“School children drown or die in accidents.”
“Nothing in this world is eternal.”

For the atheistic, non-religious Japanese, aging is a misfortune, and dying is even more so.

Or, they do not take aging and death seriously, and even if they do, they do not have an answer.

Many people take it as just a study, or try not to think about it.

The reality is that “medicine has no answers either.” Therefore, meaningless prolongation of life continues while calling it treatment, and the elderly suffer.

“If death is the end, then why do we have to live with the pain and endure it now?”

This was one of the questions I always had in my mind until I came across the RAPT blog.

“If death is the end, isn’t hedonism allowed? Or, for that matter, if we fulfill our three greatest desires, get addicted to drugs, and run out of money, wouldn’t it be okay to take our own lives?”

I have even thought about this.

In fact, we hear stories of wealthy people and royalty in history who lived lives of worldly wealth, prosperity, and luxury.

Even Qin Shi Huangdi, who had acquired most of the wealth of this world, could not solve his “fear of death”. So, he buried the wealth of the world alive with himself in the terracotta army so that he would not be inconvenienced in the afterlife.

What is the point?

What I mean is that once the “problem of death” is solved, it is as if more than half of life’s problems have been solved, almost all of them.

The RAPT blog talks about the spiritual world of this world and the other world.

When you hear the word “spirit world,” you may think that it is an incredibly distant world, but this is not true.

The spiritual world is a world that cannot be visualized.

Technologies such as induction stoves and microwave ovens that cook without fire, and information communications such as the Internet are merely visualization of electromagnetic wave information that cannot be visualized through smartphones.

In other words, the technology of this world is nothing more than “the application of knowledge and technology from the spirit world.

The RAPT blog explains these realities, connecting science and the spirit world.

Japanese people do not learn religion in school education.

And they are taught to think that “atheism and non-religion are cool” and “scientific and intelligent.

(In reality, if you don’t understand religion, you don’t even understand science.)

This is just like living in a country where you are taught that America does not exist.

You can watch American life on TV and the Internet.

However, in an era without TV and the Internet, when people were told that “there is a country called America,” the majority of people living in that era would say to themselves,

Are you crazy?”
Are you delusional?”

The same is true today.

Who can live a richer life, those who live without knowing about America or those who know about America?

If I had to choose, I would say “those who know America. And those who have been to the U.S., I think, enjoy an even richer experience.

In fact, the same is true of the “spirit world” and the “other world”.

Correctly, because they do not know about the spirit world or the afterlife, they are “cramped in this life” and “anxious just thinking about the unknown, afterlife”.

It is really a waste that the afterlife is not talked about, even though the human brain and curiosity are created without limit.

Conversely, “the story of the spirit world” and “the story of the afterlife” had gone unspoken clearly for more than several thousand years until RAPT-san came along.

Two thousand years ago, Jesus explained the story of the “spirit world and the afterlife”.

However, people at that time did not understand it, so he used a lot of metaphors.

Perhaps he was of the mindset, “You have not seen America as a country or place, so you would not understand me if I spoke to you as I am, so I will use metaphors and parables to convey my message.

In the human afterlife, there are two destinations: heaven and hell.

And that sorting test is done while we are alive.

In life, “life itself becomes anxious” and “refuses to take the exam” because there are no preparatory schools that can prepare students for past questions and exams.

This is the reason why people today are “not aware of how to study and how to prepare for the examinations.

People today are in the same state as when they are told to enter medical school or Tokyo University even though they do not know how to study or how to prepare for the exams.

If you have never traveled abroad before, you may feel anxious and fearful about your first trip abroad, thinking, “What if I get pickpocketed or involved in a gun crime?” and may feel anxious and fearful when traveling abroad for the first time.

But what if you have a skilled local guide?

The RAPT Blog is there to guide you through life.


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Note: The Rapt theory, like the Bible, was written under the inspiration of God and is a new study that brilliantly reveals the workings of this world created by the Illuminati (Satanist Jews).

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