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The “RAPT Blog” is an Accurate and Specific Elucidation of the Spirit World and the Afterlife.
The “RAPT Blog” is an Accurate and Specific Elucidation of the Spirit World and the Afterlife.

The “RAPT Blog” is an Accurate and Specific Elucidation of the Spirit World and the Afterlife.


“You cannot serve both God and money.”

What is the the meaning behind this scripture?

I posted a video on Youtube on this subject based on the RAPT blog.

“Money” here refers to earthly things (wealth, honor, romance, relationships, etc…) and can also be paraphrased as “temptations of the devil.”

As can be seen from this classification of English words, people have been brainwashed to believe that there is no God, have loved and sought “Money” and lived an empty life for immediate pleasure without knowing true love and happiness.

Without knowing this truth, we have lived our lives away from true love without fulfilling the original purpose for which human beings were born, which has led to constant suffering in our hearts.

When I came across the RAPT blog, I learned that we humans actually have a spirit, that this world was meant for the development of that spirit, and that the existence of the spirit world has been hidden from us.

And our “spirit” is something that ‘lives forever after death’ and the fate of the spirit is determined by how our life with body lives in this world.

〇From a life of worshipping the devil and destroying your life to a life of worshipping God and making your life happy.

〇The secret of the “spirit world”. Satanists have been hiding the existence of the “spirit world” from us, the general public.

Both “True Love” and “True Freedom” Can Only Be Obtained By Winning the Spiritual Battle. | Sugarbush Style


I would like to introduce Kawata-san’s testimony related to this topic as follows.

RAPT blog that taught that the human body is the mother body for nurturing spirits People do not know how to nurture their own spirits, and after death they must wander forever like evil spirits.

“When I was a child, I had very frightening experiences, often seeing evil spirits in my eyes, being in bondage, and being threatened by them many times, day and night.

However, at that time, I did not know how to deal with them, and I just had to be frightened and wait for the evil spirits to go away.

The spirits that appeared before me were all colorless,  decapitated head, or otherwise creepy looking.

As a child, I thought “they must be evil spirits,” but as an adult, I finally learned why there are so many of these terrifying looking spirits in this world when I came across the RAPT blog.

RAPT taught me that each person has a spirit body apart from the human body.

○VOL. 629 (February 14, 2022) When the body becomes an adult, everything becomes possible in living, just as when the spirit body becomes an adult, everything becomes possible in doing His will.

He also told us that the spirit body has no life span and can live forever, and that the destiny of the spirit is determined by how the physical body lives.

○ VOL. 630 (February 21, 2022) One must experience various kinds of suffering to grow into a respectable adult, both in flesh and spirit. And because the Lord wants to be lovers with us and love one another, He gives us various trials to train us.

○VOL. 631 (February 26, 2022) It is normal for both the spirit and the flesh to be without any malfunction, and only when we live in such a state can the body function as it should and live in a transcendent dimension like God.

I also learned that while my physical body is alive, I should properly nourish my spirit and nurture it into a fine adult spirit, so that I can live happily in heaven.

However, if one does not obey God and leads a wrong life while living in this world with a physical body, one’s spirit will become sick or become an unfinished form with no body parts.

And I learned that after my physical body died, I would have to spend eternity in hell suffering in such an ugly form.

When I learned this law of the spirit world from RAPT-san, I was deeply convinced that all the evil spirits I had seen as a child, who looked ugly and horrible, were proof that they had lived in rebellion against God.

However, until the RAPT blog came into this world, we human beings have lived without being taught at all about the existence of the spirit world or how to grow our own spiritual bodies and live happily forever.

Therefore, if we just live a normal life in this world, when our physical body reaches the end of its life span, we are not prepared to live in the spirit world, so we have no choice but to wander and suffer in eternity, just like the evil spirits.

Until now, the Illuminati have concealed the fact that we human beings have spirit bodies, and have made us believe that our life is only about 100 years at most.

They have also led us to belittle living in the present by saying that even if we fail in this life, we can be reborn again and again.

There is no “previous life. There is no “reincarnation. This is solid evidence of that.

Therefore, I strongly hope that if the profound knowledge of the spiritual world taught by RAPT-san is spread to the whole world, everyone will know that they must train their spirit while they are alive like this now, and they will not easily commit suicide or treat their lives roughly.

In fact, I have come to know that God gave me a physical body so that I can grow my spirit body and live enjoying eternal happiness, and I no longer feel like “dying” easily and live each day to the fullest.

Moreover, as I practice what RAPT-san teaches me, I will make efforts to enhance my intelligence and improve my personality, so that my physical body will undergo a series of positive changes and I will be able to live a rich life in this world even while my body is still alive.

I cannot thank RAPT-san enough for generously sharing with us the profound secrets of the spiritual world, which no one has ever taught us before.

○VOL. 621 (January 15, 2022) Only when the flesh lives for the spirit, the spirit grows like God, so the spirit will have compassion on the flesh and help it. Therefore, no matter how the Lord’s judgment progresses and how the world tilts, those who live for the spirit will also prosper and live abundantly in the flesh.

○VOL. 628 (February 12, 2022) If one’s spirit grows like God, even the flesh will flourish, so that the spirit and flesh will not be in conflict, but rather will live supporting one another. In this way, the salvation of spirit and body is completed.

I sincerely hope that even more people will learn the right way of life and values through the RAPT blog in the future, and that both their spirit and flesh will receive blessings in abundance and live happily.

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