I want to share the joy of finding the answers to the questions I've been searching for my whole life.

I am happy to have found a way to become the person I wanted to be.

Thanks to the RAPT Blog (rapt-neo.com), I am happy to have found a way to become the person I wanted to be. When I was working in Tokyo, I worked from morning till late at night every day. Objectively speaking, it was a lot of work, but I began to feel that my lack of concentration was the reason why I had to work so late, because I always felt like I was forgetting something at work and was always worried about it. And I think I was nervous about going to sleep because I was exhausted every day, both physically and mentally, and needed to get some sleep to …

Spirits do exist in this world. However, people do not know how to deal with spiritual things.

Whether we feel it or not, everyone lives under the influence of spirits all the time, to a greater or lesser extent. Some people who are sensitive to spirits suffer from feeling the influence of spirits, but do not know what to do about it. I am not that sensitive to spirits, but when I was in school, many times I felt as if I was tied down when I was sleeping after studying late at night for a test. I don’t know if “bound” is the right word to describe it, but what I was feeling was spiritual that I couldn’t see. And the last time I felt it …