I want to share the joy of finding the answers to the questions I've been searching for my whole life.
I am happy to have found a way to become the person I wanted to be.
I am happy to have found a way to become the person I wanted to be.

I am happy to have found a way to become the person I wanted to be.

Thanks to the RAPT Blog (rapt-neo.com), I am happy to have found a way to become the person I wanted to be.

When I was working in Tokyo, I worked from morning till late at night every day.

Objectively speaking, it was a lot of work, but I began to feel that my lack of concentration was the reason why I had to work so late, because I always felt like I was forgetting something at work and was always worried about it.

And I think I was nervous about going to sleep because I was exhausted every day, both physically and mentally, and needed to get some sleep to be ready for the next day.

I was always in a state of mental instability where something was bothering me, so it took me a long time to fall asleep or my sleep was shallow.

After I came across the Word from the Rapt blog, I learned that we humans had a spirit soul.

Spirits do exist in this world. However, people do not know how to deal with spiritual things.

Even though it is not talked about very openly, there are some people in the world who suffer from more than a few psychic disorders, and some people struggle with how to get rid of evil spirits.

In addition to being freed from the worries of psychic disturbances, I was able to receive the wavelengths of a higher-dimensional God. (rapt-plusalpha.com)

I was not so much troubled by psychic disturbances as I was in a constant state of anxiety and worry, so I was on the same wavelength as the evil spirits.

Evil spirits can ruin your life. The secrets of the spirit world that have never been told before. (rapt-plusalpha.com)

When I went to work the next day in such a state, it was impossible for me to make any progress because I was always distracted, and to top it all off, I was too tired to sleep because I was both physically and mentally exhausted.

I began to learn about this spiritual world in the Word, which no one had ever taught me before.

Looking back on those days now, I wonder if I would have been able to realize God’s existence earlier if I had not forced myself to sleep when I couldn’t sleep, but had taken a walk along the bank of the river, gazed at the starry sky, and breathed in the spiritual air.

Maybe I would have been able to realize God’s existence earlier?

At the same time, I wondered if the common sense of working during the day and sleeping at night (dawn hours) might be there to keep our eyes away from the truth.

What shocked me the most was that the original purpose of human beings being born was for the salvation and growth of the spirit.

The purpose for which we humans were born into this world is for the salvation and growth of our spirits. (rapt-neo.com)

People who have nurtured their spirit properly will have full strength, so their spirit will be full of energy, their body will be full of energy, their body will not be tired even when they are old, their mind will be quick, and their life will be successful and prosperous. (rapt-neo.com)

I was really surprised because I had never really thought about the purpose of being born, and I had always thought that life was to eat, drink, and work for a living.

However, as I studied the Word from Rapt blog and made efforts to live for my original purpose in life, I began to feel God’s great love little by little.

I realized that I had been living with anxiety and worry almost all day every day, but now it was as if I was living a lie (the real world).

I have found my purpose in life, and I am glad to have been born. I have also found many things I want to do, and hope for the future.

I feel like I’ve found the person I wanted to be.

Now, with the Corona fiasco going on in the world, more and more people are living with anxiety and worry about the future.

I hope that many people will come to know the truth, and first of all, free themselves from false information and live a meaningful life without wasting their precious time.

Second, we must free ourselves from the brainwashed world of Satan in which we live.

Those who use their time effectively for the Lord are the ones who have triumphed over Satan, and those who use their time in useless or pointless places are the ones who have lost to Satan. (rapt-neo.com)

There are no past lives. There is no reincarnation. Solid proof of that. (rapt-neo.com)

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