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Brainwashing that Love is Wonderful. True Love does not Come from Romance.
Brainwashing that Love is Wonderful. True Love does not Come from Romance.

Brainwashing that Love is Wonderful. True Love does not Come from Romance.

Everyone in the world lives in search of love.

Love from a parent to a child, love from a lover, love from a husband or wife… Love is not materially visible.

Because it is invisible, it is difficult to understand, and we have lost sight of true love.

As a result, the love that exists in the world barely exists without the foundation of true love.

Of these, the way we love, especially in modern relationships, is the most significant factor leading to the moral collapse of humanity.

True love could not come from romantic love.

We are brainwashed that love is wonderful and romantic love is essential to a happy life.

I have lived my whole life without understanding the meaning of love until I came across Rapt Blog.

It was not love in the general sense, but a true love that had been hidden for a long time.


I have lived my whole life thinking that I should be in love, but I have been wondering what true love is.

Everyone wants to be happy, especially as a woman, and I was led to believe that the happiness of a woman is to get married and have children.

I wanted to get married, although strangely I had no desire to have children. I never doubted that I would be happier with someone than living alone and lonely.

When I was in school and after I entered the workforce, my conversations with my friends around me were mainly about love.

If they had boyfriends, they would talk about their problems with them, and if they were not dating anyone, they would talk about how to meet someone.

In order to meet someone, I became interested in cosmetics and fashion, and I think these things also made up a large part of my conversations with my friends.

By the time I was in my mid-twenties, many of my friends around me started getting married one by one.

Every time this happened, I always had a question in my mind, “How much did they love their partner so much that they could make the decision to get married?”

At that time, I was also interested in love, but my desire to go abroad was stronger than that. In fact, I overcame the objections of the guy I was dating at the time (strictly speaking, he said he would allow me to go for six months) and stayed in Canada for a year on a working holiday.

Eventually, I broke up with him while I was in Canada, and then I met someone new in Canada.

He was a Jewish Canadian, and it was very refreshing to be with a non-Japanese person for the first time, and the freshness of the relationship created the illusion that this could be true love.

He had worked as an English teacher in Japan and even wrestled Sumo during his stay in Japan. I thought he was an unusual person at the time, but now that I think about it, there is connection to my Japanese culture and the world…

The connection between Shintoism, Judaism and Satanism. How Satanism was introduced to Japan. (rapt-neo.com)
The horror of the New Age movement that spread Satanism around the world. (rapt-neo.com)

He liked hippie style, wearing purple jeans, tie-dye T-shirts, and a peace-marked belt. He was a very distinctive person that way.

His behavior and way of thinking were completely different from the people I had met in the past in Japan, so it was refreshing in many ways.

Besides, I could practice English in a practical way, and I think I felt more than a little reassured than being alone in a foreign country.

Also, my desire to stay in Canada for a long time made my feelings for him stronger.

This is how I misplaced my love for him, and when my working holiday visa expired and I left for home, my relationship with him ended without a hitch.

“Time will heal,” I was told, and I left.
Time has healed the sorrow of my separation from him, because it wasn’t true love.


About 20 years later, I came across the Rapt blog, which discloses how the Illuminati (Satanism) controlled world operates and how to live a happy life in it.

When I read about New Age and the deep connection between Jewish thing and Japan in the article I mentioned above, I realized that people in the world have been brainwashed by Satanic ideas for a long time.

The concept of love is no different.

I came to understand that love, as it is commonly called, existed in order to induce people not to notice true love.

I was able to understand why I had always wondered about love and why I had never understood the meaning of love.

Love is also a Satanic ideology that has been created and spread by the Illuminati, who rule the world. In fact, they have been plotting to degrade the morals of the people of the world in every possible way.

The New Age ideology propagated by the hippies is a typical example of this.

While calling for freedom, equality, and love, they also called for free sex, feminism to express the concept of gender equality, and even justified tripping on LSD and marijuana.

This ideology has been passed down to the present day in the form of LGBT, marijuana legalization, and discrimination propaganda.

Canada is a good example of how this Satanic ideology has been successfully spread. As a result, the moral decline has not been half as bad as it could have been.

They, the Illuminati, has been misusing the Word of the Bible.
Christianity was destroyed from within by Satanists. Details of its history
The Vatican is not a Christian organization, but a Satanic organization | Sugarbush Style

While seriously worshipping the Satan, they have kept people involved in all kinds of treasonous acts while hiding the fact, and have kept true love hidden so that people would not know about it.

In this way, they have misled people into believing that Christianity is celibate, and have given birth to the hippies and LGBTs as the anti-Christ movement, and have dragged the people of the world along with them.

People who don’t know this are participating in these movements, unknowingly committing acts of rebellion against God, and living their own lives without salvation.

And now, in the midst of the COVID-19/Corona pandemic that they have caused, many people are losing their jobs, being restricted from going out, and being induced to take the harmful COVID-19 vaccine, thus losing their physical salvation.

People who know that the vaccine is toxic are also losing their spiritual lives (the purpose of our lives) because they do not know true love and the principle of the world.

Spirits do exist in this world. However, people do not know how to deal with spiritual things.

One such example is our concept of romantic love. Romance is the thing that corrupts us and is a great sin.

RAPT Paid Article VOL.118 on the sin of romantic relationship and the blessings used by the Lord. (rapt-neo.com)

In other words, the fact that love is a mortal sin is a word that comes from the love of God, who above all else does not want us humans to fall.

Below is the article I would like to use to conclude this article: Brainwashing that Love is Wonderful. True Love does not Come from Romantic Love. (rapt-plusalpha.com)


In reality, love makes you happy only at the beginning, and almost no one can be truly happy, in fact, most people become unhappy the more they experience love.

The reason for this is that we humans are created to love God first and foremost, and without Him, we cannot achieve true love and happiness.

This does not mean that a man and a woman should not get married, but there is a right way of marriage that God has set for us.
There are three great blessings that God has prepared for mankind. (rapt-neo.com)

When a couple marries in the right way, their relationship will not cool down, but rather their love for each other will grow over time.

The Satan who rebel against God, the evil people who follow them, and the Illuminati have been using all kinds of media to deceive people so that people cannot realize God’s love and thereby prevent God and human beings from loving each other, and also prevent human beings from loving each other with true love.

The unconditional love that we seek deep in our hearts is given to us by God, and it is far greater and more sublime than romance.
RAPT pay-per-view article VOL.6 What is true love? (rapt-neo.com)

Only those who have listened to the Word of God and practiced it can understand it.
Also, the more you listen and follow the Word, the more deeply you will realize this.

If you don’t know this love of God, you will never know true love.
If you fall in love or get married without knowing true love, how can your relationship be successful?

Anyway, you don’t have to be desperate to get a boy/girlfriend or to be liked by him/her.
Please try to experience God’s genuine love through His Word and learn what it means to love Him and to love others.


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