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true love
true love

Develop a disposition to do everything to the best of your ability and live a truthful and fulfilling life.

The introduction of the vaccine passport has begun in Canada. Immediately, there have been conflicts between the non-vaccinated people, who know the dangers of vaccines, and police officers, shopping mall security guards and others, and there are several videos of the debate on the Internet. The world is becoming more and more chaotic and bleak, with all sorts of negative wavelengths flying around – wavelengths of fear of Corona, wavelengths of uncertainty about the future, wavelengths of anger from people who know Corona is false. ●What is Corona? ‘Graphene oxide’ is the culprit behind corona symptoms and vaccine side effects.【コロナの正体】「酸化グラフェン」がコロナの症状とワクチンの副作用を生み出す犯人だった | RAPT理論のさらなる進化形 (rapt-plusalpha.com) In the midst of all this, I …

Brainwashing that Love is Wonderful. True Love does not Come from Romance.

Everyone in the world lives in search of love. Love from a parent to a child, love from a lover, love from a husband or wife… Love is not materially visible. Because it is invisible, it is difficult to understand, and we have lost sight of true love. As a result, the love that exists in the world barely exists without the foundation of true love. Of these, the way we love, especially in modern relationships, is the most significant factor leading to the moral collapse of humanity. True love could not come from romantic love. We are brainwashed that love is wonderful and romantic love is essential to a …