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“Sugar Is Bad for You” Was a Big Lie.
“Sugar Is Bad for You” Was a Big Lie.

“Sugar Is Bad for You” Was a Big Lie.

I’ve been back from Canada for a few months now, and what do I miss?

It’s sweet donuts!

I have noticed that my eyes have been drawn to donuts more often since I came back from Canada.

So recently, I have been enjoying coffee time at home while having my favorite donuts.

White Caramel Nuts from Misaki Donuts

I think it is partly because they look cute and catch my attention, but it may also be that my body is craving for sugar.

But Japanese sweets are not sweet at all💦. I guess in a way it is important for Japanese sweets not to be sweet….

It is true that some foreign sweets are too sweet for me as a Japanese, but I personally prefer chocolates from North America or Europe which are sweeter.

In particular, sugar is a source of energy for the brain, so if you lack sugar, your brain may not function properly and your health may suffer.

〇 The common belief that “too much sugar turns into fat” is not really true.| 「砂糖を摂り過ぎると脂肪に変わる」という常識は、本当は間違い | RAPT理論+α (rapt-plusalpha.com)

Nevertheless, information that “sugar is bad for you” has now become common knowledge.

But I learned from the RAPT blog that the “WHO” is the one responsible for spreading such wrong health practices around the world and making people unhealthy, and that it is now a puppet of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

〇[Warning] Almost all international organizations have been taken over and controlled by the “Chinese Communist Party”.| 【警告】国際機関のほとんど全てが「中国共産党」に乗っ取られ、支配されている | RAPT理論+α (rapt-plusalpha.com)

Corona was also exposed as a terrorist attack by the CCP. And, of course, the leaders of almost every country in the world have been working together and fighting each other. Otherwise, it would not be a global pandemic.

If I hadn’t come across the RAPT blog, “the world was actually ruled by evil people who worship Satan (Yes, the devil.)!!” and I would never have known that, nor would I have understood why wars and large-scale terrorist attacks like the one in Corona Pandemic occur.

The RAPT blog, which has exposed the full extent of this Satanist-dominated society, has successfully unraveled the mystery of this world with the “Bible.”

It revealed that the “Babylon the Great” in the Bible in fact, is the CCP!!


And the Chinese Communist Party is the one responsible for spreading atheism around the world.

The ultimate goal of them is to create a world of “atheism” that is completely without salvation.

So, not only have I had problems and did not know how to solve them, but I have also been deceived by wrong information and even harmed my health.

〇 All my troubles and problems were solved by escaping from the brainwashing of “atheism” spread by the Illuminati (CCP), and by knowing and loving the existence of God who created this world (testimony of the Twelve Disciples, KAWATA).| イルミナティの広めた「無神論」という洗脳から抜け出し、この世界を創造した神様の存在を知って愛することで、全ての悩みや問題が解決した(十二弟子・KAWATAさんの証) | RAPT理論+α (rapt-plusalpha.com)

You can understand what this means when you consider that today’s world is filled with products made in China.

I highly recommend you to read the news site “RAPT Theory + α” which has the truth about health information and about life.

Since it is written in Japanese, I would like to introduce as much as possible in my blog, translated into English, but you may also use online translations such as DeepL (www.deepl.com).

〇Rapt Theory Is a Great Treasure That God Has Given to Mankind (Testimony of the Twelve Disciples, Kawata-San)| RAPT理論は神様が人類に与えてくださった大きな宝(十二弟子・KAWATAさんの証) | RAPT理論+α (rapt-plusalpha.com)

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