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To the Completed Testament Age With RAPT Blog
To the Completed Testament Age With RAPT Blog

To the Completed Testament Age With RAPT Blog

Happy New Year 2023!

It is truly a wonderful moment for Christians, not only to welcome the New Year, but also to enter a new age of the completed Testament.

I was born in Japan, so I never thought I would become a Christian.

Until I came across the RAPT blog, I did not know that there was truth in the world or that this truth was found in the Bible.

And now it has been almost 4 years since I became a Christian. During that time, there was the COVID-19 pandemic, but I didn’t worry about anything and just followed the Word that RAPT-san was proclaiming.

As RAPT-san predicted, I have seen the situation related to the Corona travesty.

I had no doubts about what RAPT-san said because I learned the truth from the RAPT blog and that the source of truth is God Almighty.

However, people around me, despite the fact that RAPT-san risked his life to fight against evil and spread the truth, have not accepted it, but instead have been given dangerous vaccines as told by the government and have stopped thinking so much that they still cannot take off their masks even though it is not mandatory.

My Canadian friends are surprised to see such a situation, but I feel that they too have been deceived by the opposing government and want people to wake up to the truth, with only the dangers of vaccines.

Although there is a growing interest in Christianity among them, they don’t read the Bible and therefore don’t change themselves, but rather blame only those who are more evil than they are, and they are losing their lives.

There are many stories in the RAPT blog that I have never heard from anyone in all the decades I have lived, and in them I have found the truth.

That we humans have a spirit, and that we have to live this 100 years of our lives to develop that spirit and to go to heaven after we die.

The Word of God that RAPT-san shares with us is truly an instruction manual for life.

I hope to introduce some of the RAPT blog articles in the future as I translate them.

May God bless you all.
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