I want to share the joy of finding the answers to the questions I've been searching for my whole life.
Moving abroad will not save you. If you change yourself, you will be happy no matter where you are.
Moving abroad will not save you. If you change yourself, you will be happy no matter where you are.

Moving abroad will not save you. If you change yourself, you will be happy no matter where you are.

“I’m not satisfied with my current situation. Whether it’s commuting on a crowded train, working overtime, being overwhelmed by work all the time, or feeling uncomfortable by being single.”

That’s exactly what happened to me when I was living in Tokyo before I came to Canada.

I left Tokyo and came to Canada as if I was trying to escape, blaming my environment for the things I didn’t like.

That was about 12 years ago.

I was working as a marketing supervisor at a foreign company in Tokyo, and although I was earning a good salary, my heart was always full of emptiness. I would think about my job and my future, and I would feel crushed with anxiety.

As if to fill the emptiness, I tried going out with people, but it only created more unnecessary problems…

The Rapt blog made me realize that I had misunderstood the meaning of love in my life. True love is here in the Rapt blog.

I worked late every day, ate out for lunch and supper, missed the last train several times, and took a taxi home. Then I was back to the office few hours later.

On the weekends, I would go out for a massage to soothe my tired body, then go into town to buy clothes and cosmetics that I didn’t need, and then go out for dinner with my single friends.

I learned more and more about what cosmetics were easy to use, which brands of clothes were trendy, etc.

Occasionally, I would get the urge to learn something that would change my situation, and I took continuing education courses in modern interior design and creative writing.

Looking at interior design magazines, I longed to live abroad, and writing poetry made me feel a little more intelligent.

However, my anxiety about the future only increased.

I couldn’t imagine myself rising to a higher position in marketing, and I was fed up with my colleagues who flattered their bosses, so I recklessly made plans to escape from Japan and move to Canada.

Although I had been to Canada on a working holiday, I had no job prospects and my English skills were limited, even though I had worked for a foreign company.

I wonder how mentally exhausted I was from the reckless idea of jumping into Canada in my mid-thirties, in an unfamiliar place, with unfamiliar language, just because I could not see a future in a familiar place.

I think my parents were not so much surprised as they were dismayed.

That’s how I came from Japan to Canada and started my second life!

However, I was tormented by a different feeling than the emptiness I felt in Japan.

I had to worry about money every day since I started living only on my savings, and if I wanted to go to the government office for something, it was common to have to go back a few time.

Even after I started to go to college, I had to take the bus while it was still dark in the morning, and I couldn’t help but feel sleepy in class.

I had to stay up all night working on school assignments, which was as hard as working overtime when I was working.

What the hell am I doing? I would suddenly come back to myself and feel empty.

I managed to graduate despite, but after the collapse of Lehman Brothers, I had a hard time finding a job.

The only job I could find in the recession was a sales job, so I ended up working as a design consultant at a store that sold custom-made interior items.

My savings were dwindling, so I had to work as soon as possible, and of course I couldn’t afford to choose a job.

It was my first sales job in a new place, and it was quite tough to serve customers in English and stand on my feet many hours was hard, but I managed to hold it together.

And just when I thought I was starting to get on track with stable sales and have ok life, my mother who was in Japan was hospitalized.

Life is…

From that day on, I started to live back and forth between Japan and Canada, and I also started to actively gather information.

I started researching health information, macrobiotics and Feng Shui. I was also considering learning Reiki.

The Rapt blog freed me from the days of being confused by the overflowing information. I finally found a way to live out my life

My mother passed away after many years of treatment with chemotherapy and a blood transfusion in her last days. Ironically, my mother was a fan of Empress Michiko.

The darkness of the emperor’s family. The darkness of the Japanese Red Cross Society. The Tabuse System. The darkness of Satanists

After that, I came back to Canada and looked for a job that I could do from home, or in a field related to health.

I watched YouTube videos with Satoru Utsumi, and just as I was seriously thinking about getting certified as a nephropathy consultant, I came across the Rapt blog.

Satoru Utsumi, Japanese physician, herbalist, author, and YouTuber who calls himself “crazy doctor” as a handle name. He also talked about conspiracy theories from the medical industry, and in that vein, his conspiracy theory knowledge made me uneasy as he talked about scams in child guidance centers, fears of genetically modified foods, vaccines being nothing but poisons, and western medicine’s drug-free treatment for depressed patients.

Furthermore, I remember him answering one word to a question about how Japanese people should live in the current situation where Japan is falling prey to American pharmaceutical and food companies: “If you have the money, you should move overseas.

When I heard that, I almost wondered if it was a good choice for me to move to Canada. I was almost under the illusion that it would be a good choice for me to emigrate to Canada, but as far as vaccines and genetically modified foods are concerned, not only Japan but also Canada is in the same situation, or Canada is actively producing genetically modified corn and even salmon.

He calls himself a crazy doctor and plays the role of a friend of justice at first glance, says, “If you had the money, you’d move overseas,” which of course does not convey any desire to help people.

In fact, he became a doctor because he was a little more intelligent than others, and I began to have doubts about his answers.

The day I read some of the articles on the Rapt blog, I was fascinated by the contents, which were different from those of other blogs, such as how the world works, the scam of excessive health boom, history, and a wide range of topics, all of which were interesting to read.

As I read more of the Rapt blog I noticed that the differences between the conspiracy theories out there and the Rapt’s theory because it was based on the truth of the Bible, and I could feel his love for saving people, and I felt that this was the true information I was looking for.

When I started reading Rapt’s paid articles, I started to hear things I had never heard before, one after another, almost every day, and it soon became a habit that I wanted to hear more.

Then one day, Rapt mentioned “changing yourself” in his words and taught me how to do it, which was mind-boggling.

The following video was posted at around the same time.


The city of Tokyo, which I had left as if to run away from it, and gave me the impression of being somewhat gloomy and gray in color, looked wonderful in this video. The scenery was familiar to me, but it looked different and fresh.

When I thought about what the difference was, I realized that people who are filled with God’s love always live with a happy feeling, regardless of where they go.

True happiness did not lie in changing the environment and moving abroad. It was within myself.

And I became convinced surely the only way to change my thoughts is to come to realize the truth which is within God’s Word as conveyed by Rapt.

If there are people who are moving overseas to escape from the situation they don’t like, or people who are desperate to change their environment anyway, I would like them to watch this video and read Rapt blog first.

If you do this, you will surely come to understand that running away is not the way to salvation or freedom, and you will be convinced that Rapt’s words are the only way to live a happy life.

Rapt blog
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Corona related news added on May 18, 2022: The articles presented below are written in Japanese. You can use translation software such as this one.

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