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The Vatican is not a Christian organization, but a Satanic organization
The Vatican is not a Christian organization, but a Satanic organization

The Vatican is not a Christian organization, but a Satanic organization

The Vatican released information on its real estate holdings for the first time, revealing it owns more than 5,000 properties such as 4,051 properties in Italy, 1,120 abroad as part of its most detailed financial disclosures ever.

The trial of a landmark fraud case against 10 people, including a cardinal, began Tuesday in Vatican City.

[Satanic cult to be brought to justice] Vatican Cardinal and 10 Others Charged with Extortion, Corruption, Fraud, Forgery, Embezzlement, Abuse of Authority

The charges include extortion, corruption, fraud, forgery, embezzlement and abuse of authority. According to Vatican News, Cardinal Becciu, who is accused of embezzlement, abuse of authority and corruption, misused Vatican public funds to benefit the businesses of his two brothers.

“In the first place, the Vatican is not a Christian organization, but a Satanic organization based on Druidism, and these criminal acts have been commonplace in the Vatican.”

RAPT x Reader Talk The ancient Celtic Druid monks have ruled the world from ancient times to the present.

It has been revealed that the Pope colluded with Queen Elizabeth to massacre over 50,000 indigenous children in Canada. If people didn’t worship the devil, no one would cause such horrible events.

Is there Satanism? On the massacre of 50,000 infants by Queen Elizabeth and the Pope

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Did you know that Queen Elizabeth and former Pope Benedict XVI were responsible for the massacre of 50,000 Canadian infants?

That’s why Pope Benedict XVI suddenly announced his resignation while in office.

A tribunal of The International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels found Pope Benedict XVI (born: Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger) guilty of 25 years of imprisonment without parole on February 25. Pope Benedict XVI, Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom, and Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada. The charges were so horrific that they resulted in the massacre of over 50,000 children.

This also proves to the core of Satanism that the Vatican and the British Royal Family are strongholds of Satanism and require child sacrifice. This is the work of Kevin D. Annett, a pastor himself, who, under threat of assassination, conducted steady field research, gathered facts that could not be moved, and brought the case to an international court.


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In May this year, remains of 215 children found at former indigenous school site in Kamloops, British Columbia in Canada.

And in June, another 751 unmarked graves have been discovered around the site of a Catholic boarding school that housed indigenous children.

[Canada] 751 graves without grave markers discovered at the site of an indigenous school, and the genocide of indigenous people is still being carried out solemnly today.

The following photo is a tweet I found from the article, and it seems to prove the Pope’s pedophilia.

“Pope Francis, who came to Japan, sexually abused a little girl and a choir girl at the Vatican. In addition, the remains of many children were found in the cemetery. He was arrested and executed after Satanism was discovered. Pope Francis sexually abused children in the Vatican.”


Why were the horrific crimes of “Queen Elizabeth” and “the Pope” so brazenly published on the Internet?

Catholic Church destroyed on Canada Day has nothing to do with Christianity, but politics

Canada Day which is usually a celebration of its founding but it has been said that this year it was a different kind of holiday. Many people attended “Every Child Matter” protest across Canada.

People wore orange shirts replaced the usual red and white on Parliament Hill and in downtown Ottawa on July 1, as thousands of people called to ‘Cancel Canada Day’ following the recent discovery of unmarked graves at three former residential schools.

In Winnipeg, statues of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth toppled.

“Orange” was also used for the protest against the lockdown “Orange Vest Movement” in Italy.

Italy lifts requirement to wear masks outdoors from June 28

And there is an international fraternal order based in Northern Ireland. Orange as a colour is inseparable from its political connotations because of their association with King William Orange.

And most Protestants in Northern Ireland see themselves primarily as “British” where as a majority of Roman Catholics regard themselves primarily as “Irish”.

The orange represents Protestants and the green represents Catholics. Religion today is just being used for politics at the top level.

Christianity was destroyed from within by Satanists. More about its history

RAPT x Reader Talk The world is built on the struggle between the Aryans (Qin/Rothchild) and the Turks (Izumo)

They have been seriously worshiping Satan receiving ideas of evil deeds. It’s also fights to see who has more power. It makes sense to think this way that this is the reason why we have wars and pandemics (poisoned vaccines).

In fact, Epstein built a facility for prostitution and Satanism on an isolated island commonly known as Epstein Island, where he invited many politicians and celebrities to sexually abuse girls and perform brutal rituals of sacrifice to the devil.

Biden and Trump are both pedophiles

As a matter of fact, it has been revealed that even in Japan, politicians and elites gather at night in a huge villa built by “Bill Gates” to perform cruel sacrificial rituals.

Bill Gates’ vacation home was a devil worshiping facility for the criminals who caused the JAL123 accident (the Kuki, Aoyama, and Li families)!

In fact, Bill Gates is said to be the illegitimate son of former prime minister of Japan, Yasuhiro Nakasone’s wife.

He achieved great success with Microsoft’s Windows 95 taking the world market share.

However, his success was not achieved by his own efforts, but by suppressing TRON OS through his Soka Gakkai connections, and then by killing TRON OS researchers in the crash of JAL 123.

The Soka Gakkai’s global expansion was accelerated by the support of Donald Trump’s father, Fred Trump.

Whether we support a leftist (Democrat) like Biden or a rightist (Republican) like Trump, our minds and bodies are being used to fight their battles. Therefore, whether we are on the right or the left, we are in slavery to Satan and there is no freedom there.

The truth is not to be found on the right or the left, but on the straight path that leads the feet away from evil.

All we have to do is not be fooled by them, and protecting our minds is the first step to true freedom.

After all, what the Illuminati have been hiding from the people for the sake of world unification (NWO) is that they have been worshipping the devil “Satan” and receiving evil deeds.

It was a real eye-opener for me to realize that the Illuminati works for Satan, but average people like me have God.

I also realized that in a world ruled by the Illuminati, Christians are taught, “We can’t be perfect.” though it is written in the Bible that “Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” – Matthew 5:48

The devil deceives by saying things that are the opposite of what God says

It’s as if, like the New Age spiritual ideology popularized by the Beatles, ” We don’t have to change.” “We should be who we are.”

RAPT x Reader Dialogue (Vol. 88) The horror of the New Age movement that spread Satanism around the world.

In fact, in listening to their ideology and chasing after the “freedom” they promote, we have trapped ourselves and become slaves to Satan, therefore, it is far away from living a happy life.

The fact that human beings have a spirit as well as a body and to awaken the spirit is the key to achieve eternal happiness. Spirits do exist in this world.

The Other Self Inside Me: The Shock of Discovering It’s My Spirit on the RAPT Blog

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