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Spirits do exist in this world. However, people do not know how to deal with spiritual things.
Spirits do exist in this world. However, people do not know how to deal with spiritual things.

Spirits do exist in this world. However, people do not know how to deal with spiritual things.

Whether we feel it or not, everyone lives under the influence of spirits all the time, to a greater or lesser extent.

Some people who are sensitive to spirits suffer from feeling the influence of spirits, but do not know what to do about it.

I am not that sensitive to spirits, but when I was in school, many times I felt as if I was tied down when I was sleeping after studying late at night for a test. I don’t know if “bound” is the right word to describe it, but what I was feeling was spiritual that I couldn’t see.

And the last time I felt it was in my mid-thirties, when I fell asleep while working on an assignment. I felt as if a man was pressing on my stomach, and when I tried to push back, my body would not move. I didn’t know what to do because I thought no one would believe me and I couldn’t ask or talk to my friends.

For me, spiritual experiences were very negative, but I learned from the Rapt blog that there is a good spirit. In fact, we have a spirit, and we can grow our spirit by listening to the Word. And in order to live a happy life, it is important to understand how the spirit works.

Spirits do exist in this world. However, people do not know how to deal with spiritual things.

This is the article I would like to share with you today.

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Before the year 2000, the majority of Japanese people did not believe in anything spiritual and tended to ridicule anything occult.

Back then, if you talked about ghosts, UFOs, etc., you were immediately ridiculed and called crazy. However, these days, many people seem to be having occult experiences, such as spiritual experiences and UFO sightings, and the number of people who believe in the existence of ghosts and UFOs has increased greatly.

I, too, have had many spiritual experiences in the past. I have had many spiritual experiences in my life, and I can say that my psychic sense is stronger than most people. However, even when I felt or experienced something spiritual, I never told anyone about it. It was a taboo in my mind. Therefore, even when I was troubled by spiritual phenomena, I never consulted anyone, nor did I have any desire to do so. I knew that no one would be able to actually solve the problem even if I did.

However, it is safe to say that the situation is still the same. Instead, I can confidently say that thanks to the fact that I’ve been able to overcome a number of such tribulations and hardships myself, I now have the wisdom and ability to solve any spiritual problems that might arise.

Spiritual beings do exist in this world.

I assure you clearly. Spiritual beings do exist in this world. In general, when we think of spiritual phenomena, we tend to think of ghosts and other horrible things, but in the spirit world, there are not only evil beings, but also good beings. However, the number of people who have horrible experiences is much higher than the number of people who have wonderful experiences, which is probably the reason why there are so many horrible stories about bizarre phenomena in this world.

The reasons why most spiritual phenomena are eerie and unpleasant.

Basically, most of the spirits that exist in this world are not very good. They are spirits that are wandering around in this world because they are unable to attain Buddhahood in the afterlife, and the reason why they are unable to do so is because they still have lingering feelings or grudges in this world. The reason why they cannot rest in peace is because they still have a longing or grudge in this world. Because there are so many of these spirits roaming around in this world, many people who encounter spiritual phenomena end up feeling creepy, uncomfortable, and negative.

Even those who do not have a strong sense of spirituality are always under the influence of spirits.

However, even if you don’t have a strong sense of spirituality and don’t see or hear ghosts, most people in this world live under some influence from the spirit world. Some people may have dozens of spirits with them without even realizing it, and when such a person walks into a coffee shop, the other customers sitting around him or her will also receive spiritual wavelengths from the spirits he or she has brought with him or her, which can disrupt their thoughts, cause them to think negatively, and make them feel anxious and irritated. Of course, they are not simply thinking for themselves. Of course, they may simply think that their mind has taken on such thoughts on its own, and not even consider that it is a spiritual influence.

Believe it or not, it’s up to you. But if you don’t believe, the truth won’t change.

It’s up to you whether you believe what I’ve written here. But even if you don’t believe what I have written, you are definitely living under some kind of constant influence from the spirit world. When you suddenly remember something you don’t like, or when you suddenly feel anxious or irritated for no apparent reason, there may be some spirits wandering around beside you.

In my opinion, the rapid increase in the number of depressed people these days is also largely due to the influence of spirits. Therefore, no matter how many doctors you see for your mental illness, no amount of medication will cure it. In fact, the doctor’s prescription and medication will only make the body worse. This is because mental illness cannot be cured by doctors or medication, but only at the level of the mind or spirit.

I will continue to talk about this in detail in the future.

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