I want to share the joy of finding the answers to the questions I've been searching for my whole life.
“How to live a life filled with peace and hope, without getting upset no matter what happens” (testimony of Erica, one of the Twelve Disciples)
“How to live a life filled with peace and hope, without getting upset no matter what happens” (testimony of Erica, one of the Twelve Disciples)

“How to live a life filled with peace and hope, without getting upset no matter what happens” (testimony of Erica, one of the Twelve Disciples)

Today, I would like to share with you a testimony written by Erica, one of the twelve disciples working with RAPT.

RAPT has been revealing and unraveling the mysteries of slavery in this day and age, which has been created by the Illuminati, using the truth in God’s Word, the Bible.

What is Illuminati? Find the following article.

Some objective facts that support that the Illuminati are trying to establish a NWO centered on the Emperor.

Before I came across the Rapt blog, I started a health movement when my mother was hospitalized for treatment of leukemia. I learned macrobiotic diet, did yoga occasionally, and bought organic and natural foods, but eventually I found out that the disease did not exist from the article from the Rapt blog.

RAPT x Reader Talk There is no such disease as cancer. (Part 1)
RAPT x Reader Talk The excessive health and environmental boom is also a bullshit story for fraudulent purposes that began with Satanism

Satanism is an unfamiliar term and people do not believe or talk about it. However, it is the biggest secret of the Illuminati elite that has ruled the world.

And the Satanism has spread through the ideology of New Age spirituality where feminism (left) and masculinity (right) meets.

The horror of the New Age movement that spread Satanism around the world.
RAPT x Reader Talk New Age, Manchuria, Omoto-kyo and Ezo Republic. The same family behind them.

In fact, the person who planned the Corona pandemic was Deguchi Onisaburo (Li family) of the Omoto-kyo (Oomoto sect), who spread New Age spirituality in Japan.

The corona pandemic was a premeditated crime by the Omoto-kyo, by Onisaburo Deguchi (Reposted from Kawata’s blog) rapt-plusalpha.com)

In the link above, Rapt talks about how the coronavirus pandemic is being artificially caused by the Jewish and how they are using the pandemic to take over cities around the world.

The same Satanic ideology, New Age spirituality has been creating various entertainments to keep people from realizing the truth, and in so doing, has been corrupting people.

Brainwashing that love is wonderful. True love does not come from a relationship.
New York State to Legalize Recreational Marijuana
The Illuminati are planning to spread pedophilia along with LGBT.

Biden and Trump are both pedophiles | Sugarbush Style

Unlike New Age spirituality, which popularized Satanism with the ideas of “no need to change” and “accept yourself as you are,” God is telling us to keep changing and strive for perfection.

Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect. – Matthew 5:48

Vol.144 Pray and seek to be perfect.
Vol.239 Only by aiming toward perfection can we receive the full blessings of the Kingdom of the earth.

By learning and realizing this word of the Lord, we can change ourselves and this world, as Rapt has proven.

Vol.237 The more you realize, the more your life will change, the more the spirit world will change, and the more this world will change.


Here is a testimony written by Erica (translated in English from Japanese)

How to live a life filled with peace and hope, without getting upset no matter what happens” (testimony of Erica, one of the Twelve Disciples)

RAPT has been doing a great job of changing the world and saving people by revealing the RAPT theory one after another, which no one else in the world has been able to reveal, and by destroying evil people.

He is always filled with more peace and hope than anyone else in the world, because he is living in the dimension of God in powerful union with God.

In fact, he is always cheerful and smiling, and RAPT once said that whenever he has a problem, it is usually solved in about 30 seconds.

He also said that no matter what happens to him, he never has any ups and downs, and that God also never has any ups and downs.

That’s how much he is in constant communion with God, and he has received inspiration and grace in abundance.

However, people in the world have all kinds of problems, and since they don’t know how to solve them, they escape from reality by indulging in entertainment.

I was in such a state before I came to faith, but as I have written in my past testimonies, by reading the paid articles on the RAPT blog and coming to faith, I was able to solve various problems and change my life 180 degrees for the better.

I was able to turn my life around from a life full of worries. Now I can live in joy and hope. (Testimony of Erica, one of the twelve disciples)

However, when I came to Ehime and started to work with him in earnest, my weaknesses and shortcomings were seared out and I was overwhelmed by my emotions many times. Therefore, I felt that I need to strengthen my spirit on a daily basis so that I can always be filled with grace like Mr. RAPT, connect with God and deal with things calmly.

As I spend my days in this way, I am gradually experiencing less ups and downs, and I am able to deal with things calmly, thinking that whatever happens is all for the sake of moving forward.

Of course, it takes a lot more practice, struggle, and time to reach a level like RAPT’s, but I have come to believe that it is not impossible if I keep moving forward day by day without giving up.

As mentioned in the following article, Satan makes us human beings emotional and causes us to act according to our emotions, which leads to various failures.

RAPT Paid Article 428 (December 14, 2019) Never get upset at any time, but always stay connected to the Lord, keep a level head, and deal with everything calmly and victoriously against Satan.

Falling into negative emotions such as anxiety, worry and fear means that you are on the same wavelength as Satan.

In fact, people are all living under such circumstances, suffering day in and day out.

Satan and the Illuminati have been corrupting people and plunging them into the depths of unhappiness, hiding the existence of God and the way to live to be happy.

The RAPT blog is the only place that describes how to live a truly happy life for human beings.

I sincerely hope and pray that many people will be led to the RAPT blog and be freed from the brainwashing of the Illuminati and live in peace, joy and hope.

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