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Is Trump the No.1 agent of the Chinese Communist Party? He Succeeded in Turning People Away from God.
Is Trump the No.1 agent of the Chinese Communist Party? He Succeeded in Turning People Away from God.

Is Trump the No.1 agent of the Chinese Communist Party? He Succeeded in Turning People Away from God.

When the story of mandatory vaccination began to circulate, I began to see the true intentions of those around me who were trying to flee Canada.

Their anger, cultivated on a daily basis, is directed toward the high taxes of the communizing Canadian government under the pretext of mandatory vaccinations.

And they direct their anger at the people, rooted in the idea that those who usually follow the government and pay taxes = those who have been vaccinated.

They tell people to wake up, not because they want to save people from toxic vaccinations, but for their own benefit.

I felt Satan in their lack of love when I saw the comments attached to the right-wing information sent by them.

‘You can’t fix stupid.’

“I’ve given up on people being brainwashed by the media.”

“Sheeple don’t deserve to live.”

From such a statement, it may be because they are the ones who have already been abandoned by God.

Those who run for the salvation of their people are selected as sheep, and those who do not run for the salvation of their people are selected as goats.

Many tribulations will befall the earth from now on. And the righteous will be able to overcome them all through the inspiration given by the Lord, but the wicked will not. Thus, the sheep and the goats will be clearly separated in these end times.

Their not speaking ill of Trump, a member of the Illuminati, is much like the way the media does not speak ill of China.

I cannot help but feel that this is how communist societies have been formed.

Communism is a world where God (truth and love) does not exist and there is no salvation.

Whether their sources, including the far-right Canadian media Rebel News, speak ill of Trudeau’s imitation of the Chinese dictatorship or call Canad’s Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam a slave of the Chinese Communist Party, the root of evil for them stops at Canada under the Trudeau government.

In other words, they are still slaves to Satan by sinning of idol worshipping.

Trump asks Putin to release information on Hunter Biden’s dealings (msn.com)

So they think they have the right to exclude anyone who does not share their views.

And yet, without being privy to the truth about the concessions that the elites on Trump’s side will be profiting from, we are left to wonder if they will be treated with chemotherapy if they are told they have cancer, or dream of a space scam, for the space that doesn’t exist. Everything was done to “rebel” against God.

[VIDEO] Don’t Be Fooled by Cancer Rights! There is no disease called cancer.

The image of Mars released by NASA was a faked photo taken on Devon Island, Canada!

Looking at them, I cannot help but feel that Trump, who has taken in many Christians, is a major contributor to the destruction of Christianity in North America, i.e., the formation of a communist society.

Former President Trump’s father Fred was an ardent believer in Soka Gakkai (SGI)!!!! Is his son Donald an agent to bring “anti-vaccinationists” into the Soka Gakkai (which is one of the shields of Chinese Communist Party)?

And for those who have risen to American supremacy, is Florida and Texas an escape route and a reward for anti-vaccinationists who participated in the war on vaccines?

It would seem so.

The naming of the “The Freedom Convoy” and now “The Rolling Thunder” show how the era when the Illuminati created entertainment-enjoying Satanic ideology spread throughout the world became a symbol of their freedom.

The horrors of the New Age movement that spread Satanism throughout the world.

QAnon’s unexpected roots in New Age spirituality – The Washington Post

The Christians I know also look outside themselves for causes of bad things that happen in this world, as if God has nothing to do with it, saying “God is good” and making it a mere decoration, like the Emperor of Japan.

Bad things happen because we are living as fallen, brainwashed slaves to Satan, and this is a sign that God is trying to save us from such evil laws.

In order to defeat a devil, it must be pinched from both the “spirit world” and the “earthly world.

What is the devil?

If we humans do righteousness, the Lord receives power; if we humans sin, Satan receives power.

Without knowing the magnitude of God’s altruistic love, people live their own painful lives with misunderstandings.

The world without salvation and without love established in this way is a communist society.

When I think that the accumulated burden of people’s many sins has created the communist society run by the Chinese Communist Party, I realize that God’s wish for its destruction is also my wish.

How painful must be the heart of God who has been watching over such a state of humankind all these years.

I hope that many people will realize God’s love, cherish and not waste their precious lives, and lead truly happy lives.

At the very least, stop fighting each other to give Satan more power.

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

Romans 12:21

The Lord created heaven and earth and all things for one purpose only. To love with us human beings.

The tremendous power of RAPT-san, who has revealed that the Chinese Communist Party is the “Great Babylon” described in the Book of Revelation and is leading humanity to salvation everywhere (testimony of Erica, the Twelve Disciples)

When I know the reality of the Chinese Communist Party and pray for their destruction, I feel closer to God and full of strength! (Testimony of NANA, a Twelve Disciple)

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a farce that the “Chinese Communist Party” has broken out to dominate the world. The sad state of affairs in Russia, which has already been taken over by China.

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