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“Divide and Conquer” Caused by the Jesus Movement by Hippies. This is How Communist Society is created.
“Divide and Conquer” Caused by the Jesus Movement by Hippies. This is How Communist Society is created.

“Divide and Conquer” Caused by the Jesus Movement by Hippies. This is How Communist Society is created.

Since RAPT-san exposed that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is the “Great Babylon” described in the Book of Revelation, I feel that I have seen the process and history of the creation of a communist society from what is being caused on a global scale like the Corona to the small things around us and the thoughts and intentions behind what people say.

At the same time, I feel that the suppression of speech on the Internet, including SNS, is becoming more and more intense every day.

Even those on the far right who are beating up the major media are conspicuously unaware that they are contributing to the formation of a communist society while fighting to keep Canada from becoming communist China, and are trying to join with like-minded people to reveal their fighting spirit and save their own lives.

Information about the Dangers of Vaccines that is not Based on True Love could be Counterproductive.

According to the following post, the division of America seems to have reached a level that is infinitely beyond repair in four years of Trump.

***From here (translated with DeepL):

Mandatory school districts and teachers insist on masks because they are communists and want to enslave our children. But as for the others, I felt there was a reason other than being brainwashed about the corona.


I found that answer in an interview that was conducted in NYC, which is dominated by Democrats more than my state. It’s peer pressure, but it wasn’t “because everyone is wearing a mask”. It was, to my surprise, “I don’t want to be considered a conservative and Republican supporter“.

Since when do Americans think it is wrong to have different political views? This kind of thinking must have become prevalent as the one-party Communist Party of China is taking over the United States.

The U.S. is a country divided by a major media that makes every matter a political issue. In some people’s brains, a picture has been created that “refusal to wear masks = selfish people who value freedom = Trump supporters = conservative people (= Christians) = Republican supporters = far right = bad people”.

It doesn’t make sense from the side, but it’s true.

When I see these people, who are so angry and hate those who have different opinions from their own, as incited by the media and the imperial pundits, I feel like I am watching someone who keeps banging his head against the wall while crying, “My head hurts.


“I don’t want to be perceived as a conservative and Republican supporter.”

The divisiveness described in this post has given me a clear understanding of what is going on around me.

In particular, when the mandatory vaccination started in Canada, the son of a friend who has a far-right father, I got the vibe that he did not want to listen to the dangers of vaccines conveyed by far-right ideology, saying, “People like you, including my father, who are far-right…”.

I said, “I am probably no more to the right or left than you are. After all, I’ve never voted.”

I saw that information about the dangers of vaccines that is not based on true love could be counterproductive.

〇Truth without love will not save people. Truth and genuine love is what makes us free. | 愛のない真実では人は救われない。真理と本物の愛こそが、私たちを自由にしてくれる。 | GINGER SPICE

“East Meets West” The horrors of the New Age movement that spread Satanism throughout the world.

In a recent Instagram post, I wrote about the wonder of being more exposed to Eastern thought than when I lived in Japan, even though Canada is the country with the largest Christian population.

Hear the Love of Truth

***From the above my Instagram post (translated with DeepL):

Such New Age spirituality, with its roots in Eastern thought, seems to have remained strong in North America with hippies since the Vietnam War.

A second “Freedom Convoy” protest, “Rolling Thunder,” is scheduled for later this month, and its name seems to derive from “Operation Rolling Thunder” during the Vietnam War.

It was “George Ohsawa (born Nyoichi Sakurazawa (櫻澤 如一),” who advocated macrobiotics, who predicted the assassination of “John F. Kennedy,” who was the president of the United States at that time.


George Ohsawa – Wikipedia

Ohsawa also created a stir by predicting the deaths of several notable people, including John F. Kennedy based on the condition known in Japan as “sanpaku” (literally “three whites”), a traditional Japanese physiognomic diagnosis in which a white area below as well as to each side of the iris appears when the eye is viewed straight on. This anomaly was considered a sign of extreme fatigue that made one accident-prone and slow to react. Samurai were trained to watch for this feature to assist in determining how formidable an enemy would be in hand-to-hand combat. Ohsawa used this diagnosis in his teachings and adapted it as a more general diagnostic indication of one’s general state of health.


He was also involved in the “World Federation Movement.

桜沢如一 – Wikipedia

During the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, he predicted that New York City would be reduced to ashes in the event of a nuclear war, and encouraged New York members to evacuate to Chico, California, a remote area. He called this the “Noah’s Ark of the 20th century,” and assured that only those who live by the right dietary laws would survive a nuclear war.

In the “Seven Great Conditions of Health,” the most important “no lying” was added to the previous six conditions.

The five major religions were born in the East, and secondly, the metaphysical is important, while Western education is only about the metaphysical “visible world.


In addition, Michio Kushi, who popularized macrobiotics in the U.S. with the belief that “health is the key to world peace,” was a hippie as his first disciple.

I wondered why macrobiotics (veganism) is so political and exclusive, but I was convinced when I found out that Jews have created a satanic ideology in the world with their grating words.

QAnon’s unexpected roots in New Age spirituality – The Washington Post

〇The horrors of the New Age movement that spread Satanism throughout the world.|RAPT×読者対談〈第88弾〉悪魔崇拝を世界中に広めたニューエイジ・ムーブメントの恐怖。

Hippie “Jesus Movement” is a division of North America – Christian sabotage = formation of a communist society.

The political use of Christianity in North America seems to go back to the hippie “Jesus Movement”.

From Jesus movement – Wikipedia

The Jesus movement was an evangelical Christian movement which began on the West Coast of the United States in the late 1960s and early 1970s and primarily spread throughout North America, Europe, and Central America, before it subsided in the late 1980s. Members of the movement were called Jesus people, or Jesus freaks.

Its predecessor, the charismatic movement, had already been in full swing for about a decade. It involved mainline Protestants and Roman Catholics who testified to having supernatural experiences similar to those recorded in the Acts of the Apostles, especially speaking in tongues. Both of these movements held that they were calling the church back to a more biblical picture of Christianity, in which the gifts of the Spirit would be restored to the Church.

The Jesus movement left a legacy that included the formation of various denominations as well as other Christian organizations, and it also influenced the development of both the contemporary Christian right and Christian left.


Reading the descriptions of “Christian Right” and “Christian Left,” each of which is characterized by the very same North American political divide, one finds the name “Karl Marx” in the description of the Left.

Marxism is communism, an ideology of Satanism.

● [Brainwashing by the Chinese Communist Party] “Xi Jinping Thought” is incorporated into the national curriculum to thoroughly educate young people in the beliefs of Marxism, which is nothing but a satanic ideology.|【中国共産党による洗脳】「習近平思想」を国家の教育課程に取り入れ、悪魔崇拝思想に過ぎないマルクス主義の信念を若者に徹底教育

It is fitting to think that the right-wing characteristic that counters this is the “Mao Zedong Thought (Maoism)” that was popular among some hippies in the U.S. during the Vietnam War and, judging from the color scheme of its flag, is the swastika force.

Photo is from (https://twitter.com/Andiecip/status/1487669787597676550?s=20)

〇[Break the common sense of Jigemon! Vol.2 – “Mao Zedong,” the founding father of China, is a psychopath. He killed 1.1 billion sparrows because they disturbed his sleep and destroyed the ecosystem.|【じげもんの常識をブッ壊せ!!】Vol.2 – 中国建国の父「毛沢東」はサイコパス 睡眠を邪魔するとの理由から雀11億羽を殺し、生態系を破壊

And we can see how a communist society (i.e., the destruction of Christianity) has been created under such a Satanist struggle.

Now that RAPT-san has exposed that the mastermind of that struggle is the “Chinese Communist Party”, the truth and its love, or salvation, underlies the truth that tells us why they suppress speech.

【Testimony of Erica】The tremendous power of RAPT-san, who has revealed that the Chinese Communist Party is the “Great Babylon” described in the Book of Revelation and is leading humanity to salvation everywhere

We must pray more and more powerfully for their destruction.

Do not turn to the right or the left; keep your foot from evil.
Proverbs 4:27 NIV

God is a righteous judge,a God who displays his wrath every day.
Psalms 7:11 NIV

Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it.
Matthew 10:39 NIV

Ⅰ hope that those who have been brainwashed by Satan’s idea that “you must do evil to survive” will be freed from their deep brainwashing, come into contact with God’s deep love, and attain true freedom and happiness.

Love begins with Prayer

〇【Testimony of Mina】RAPT’s great work which proves the words of the Bible, “He who loses his life will gain it back,” by continuously transmitting the truth without giving in to numerous suppressions and obstructions.|数々の言論弾圧や妨害に屈せず真実を発信しつづけ、「自分の命を捨てる者はかえってそれを得る」という聖書の言葉を証明してくださるRAPTさんの偉大な働き(十二弟子・ミナさんの証)

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