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“Divide and Conquer” Caused by the Jesus Movement by Hippies. This is How Communist Society is created.

Since RAPT-san exposed that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is the “Great Babylon” described in the Book of Revelation, I feel that I have seen the process and history of the creation of a communist society from what is being caused on a global scale like the Corona to the small things around us and the thoughts and intentions behind what people say. At the same time, I feel that the suppression of speech on the Internet, including SNS, is becoming more and more intense every day. Even those on the far right who are beating up the major media are conspicuously unaware that they are contributing to the formation …

Only by Praying from the Heart can we Free ourselves from all Illuminati Brainwashing and become Free.

Ever since I came across the RAPT blog and learned that Satan and the Illuminati rule this world and that God exists, I have been able to see many things about how the world works and the cause and effect relationships that I had never noticed before. The power struggle of the Illuminati is intensifying daily, as evidenced by the growing pressure to force vaccinations, especially in Canada. It is rumored that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may have gone into hiding due to the recent massive protests by truck drivers to abolish mandatory vaccination. 【カナダ】大型トラックドライバーたちの大規模デモ中に、トルドー首相が逃亡! コロナ感染者と濃厚接触したとして隔離生活へ We get so caught up in what is happening in the “visible” world that …