I want to share the joy of finding the answers to the questions I've been searching for my whole life.
“RAPT blog who taught me what is the beauty of a woman not limited by age.” ~Testimony of Mina-san
“RAPT blog who taught me what is the beauty of a woman not limited by age.” ~Testimony of Mina-san

“RAPT blog who taught me what is the beauty of a woman not limited by age.” ~Testimony of Mina-san

Today I would like to share with you Mina-san’s testimony.

She mention the concept of a “woman’s expiration date,” and I recall being called a “Christmas cake” when I turned 25.

How to Change Our Life

Some of my classmates were married by the age of 25, and there was an atmosphere in which a woman’s value was determined in the sense that she was someone who could marry while young, without regard to her unique personality or talents.

Even after I turned 25, I was still working at a company, with a tendency to think that whether or not one had a boyfriend was always a major indicator of a woman’s worth.

‘You never get boyfriends because all you do is work.’

I was once worried by a male colleague.

As for whether I was happy because I had a boyfriend, I rarely felt happy from the bottom of my heart, and I think I was reassuring myself with the outward appearance of having a boyfriend.

I had no idea that the very idea that”love is wonderful” was happiness was Satan’s brainwashing.
Brainwashing that Love is Wonderful. True Love does not Come from Romance. | Sugarbush Style

There was a truth in the RAPT blog that no one had ever told me before.

There was the Word of God’s love that can change your life 180 degrees.

RAPT-san has proven with his own life that no matter what the situation is in this world, if you live with true love and truth, you can live a happy life.

In fact, despite the Corona fiasco, I am able to live peacefully without any worries because I learned how to fight Satan on the RAPT blog.

Also, since I started living according to the Word that RAPT has shared through his blog, I have been able to find answers to all of life’s problems that I could not understand before.

Being born and raised in Japan and having been brainwashed to believe that there is no God all my life, I was quite surprised when I learned about the spiritual entity called Satan and how they have a negative impact on human life.

The shocking fact I leaned from the Rapt blog is that we have been living under Satan’s brainwashing.

It is only when we get out of Satan’s brainwashing and live by God’s way of thinking that life becomes easier and more meaningful, the true freedom.

May the RAPT blog reach many people who are suffering.

A Life of True Freedom and Salvation, Armed with Love and Truth. | Sugarbush Style

【Testimony of Mina】The RAPT blog taught me what is the beauty of a woman regardless of her age.

From: 年齢に囚われない女性の美しさとは何かを教えてくれたRAPTブログ(十二弟子・ミナさんの証) | RAPT理論+α (rapt-plusalpha.com)

I am sure many of you have heard the phrase “a woman’s expiration date.”

In this case, the expiration date is how old can a woman be considered a love interest? When I was still in my 20s, the age of a woman’s expiration date was compared to a Christmas cake, and it was said, “You can sell it until you are 24; 25 is unsold.

These days, however, it is more often said to be “35 years old.

Compared to when I was younger, it is becoming more difficult to say such things publicly now, but I still feel that this kind of thinking still persists.

Ostensibly, some say it is based on the risk of pregnancy and childbirth, but women tend to be expected to be beautiful, so I guess the truth is that “there is nothing better than being young”.

Before I came across the RAPT blog, I was uncomfortable with this way of thinking about women as if they were commodities.

However, as I got older, I came to accept this view with a half-hearted resignation, saying “it can’t be helped,” and before I knew it, I had come to believe that “the younger a woman is, the more valuable she is.

Therefore, as I grew older, I was struck by a sense of my own diminishing value, and I began to lose my joy.

In reality, there are many women in this world who cannot honestly rejoice even on their birthdays, which are supposed to be celebrated.

However, since I came across the RAPT blog and began to learn about God through paid articles, I no longer worry too much about my age.

In this world, it is taken for granted that with age, one’s body and appearance deteriorate more and more, one’s intelligence declines, and one’s physical strength decreases.

It is true that as we age, we develop more wrinkles and blemishes, and our skin becomes less firm than it was when we were younger.

This is a fact that no one can deny.

However, RAPT-san teaches us that even if there is physical deterioration such as wrinkles and blemishes, a person who has grown beautifully in spirit will still be attractive and make a good impression on others, no matter how old he or she gets, because his or her spirit overflows from the inside.

In fact, since I started praying to God and reading His Word and praying, my previous chronic health problems have improved and I am much healthier than when I was younger.

○ Super simple health method found from RAPT theory, shoulder stiffness improvement & rejuvenation & diet (testimony of Mina, a Twelve Disciple)

RAPT理論から分かった超シンプル健康法、肩こり改善&若返り&ダイエット(十二弟子・ミナさんの証) | RAPT理論+α (rapt-plusalpha.com)

In fact, no matter how young you are, if your deeds are tainted with evil, you will have a Satanic atmosphere and your appearance will give a bad impression.

In this world, it is often said that we should not judge people by their appearance, but RAPT-san taught us that a person’s personality and character can certainly be seen in their physiognomy.

The phrase, “Do not judge a person by his or her appearance,” turns out to be an idea planted by the Illuminati, whose inner self is tainted with evil to every degree.

○ RAPT Paid Article 628 (February 12, 2022) If one’s spirit grows like God, even the body will flourish, so that the spirit and the flesh will not be in conflict, but rather live supporting one another. In this way, the salvation of spirit and flesh is completed.

 RAPT有料記事628(2022年2月12日)自分の霊が神のように成長すれば、肉体まで栄えるようになるから、霊と肉が葛藤することがなく、むしろ互いに支え合って生きるようになる。このようにして霊肉の救いが完成する。 (rapt-neo.com)

○ RAPT Morning Prayer Meeting (for March 2022)

Friday, March 4, 2022 A person’s face reflects everything about his or her own heart. Therefore, if you see a person’s face and get even the slightest bad impression of him or her, you should definitely be wary of him or her as an evil person and never approach him or her, much less never preach the gospel to him or her.

Satan and his ilk have been hiding the truth that we human beings have a spirit and that by developing our spirit we can become beautiful and transformed, brainwashing people to seek only satanic and sexual beauty, making women feel guilty about growing old, and robbing them of joy.

Also, through the RAPT blog, I was made aware that the very idea of setting an expiration date on women is a manifestation of a mind that thinks of women as objects, not as people.

RAPT-san teaches us that if women in this world have true love and truth, everyone will think of women with respect, be truly grateful for their love, and treat them as precious beings, not as material objects.

○ RAPT Paid Article 644 (April 18, 2022) God is a fountain of truth, but the Holy Spirit is a fountain of love. Since woman was created in the image of the Holy Spirit, she can be filled with the blessing of true love only if she loves with the love like the Holy Spirit.

RAPT有料記事644(2022年4月18日)神様は真理が泉のように湧き出る方だが、聖霊様は愛が泉のように湧き出る方だ。女はその聖霊様に象って創られたから、聖霊様のような愛で愛してこそ、真の愛の祝福に満たされる。 (rapt-neo.com)

Until now, there was no true love in the world, and we did not know how to grow our spirits, and we just had to sit back and let our bodies deteriorate with age.

But now, RAPT-san is generously sharing with us how to make our spirits grow beautifully and how to acquire true love, no matter how far we go.

Therefore, I hope that all women in the future will not be limited by age, but rather will purify their hearts, grow beautifully in their spirits, and become women overflowing with true beauty and love with each passing year, and I sincerely hope to become such a woman myself.

And I sincerely hope that each one of us will fill this land with true love, and that everyone will love each other with true love, and that a society filled with love will come.

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