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Day: <span>18 September 2021</span>
Day: 18 September 2021

The Connection between Trump, KonMari, Shintoism, New Age Spirituality and Satanism. How the World is Ruled by the Illuminati and their Children.

The Corona pandemic that began in 2020 has revealed much about the fraudulent system created by the Illuminati. However, I feel that the Illuminati’s top secret is still not clear to most people, including those who know that the COVID-19 vaccine is super toxic and should never be ingested. ●What is Corona? ‘Graphene oxide’ is the culprit behind corona symptoms and vaccine side effects.【コロナの正体】「酸化グラフェン」がコロナの症状とワクチンの副作用を生み出す犯人だった | RAPT理論のさらなる進化形 (rapt-plusalpha.com) They blame the vaccine-induced genocide on left-wing figures like Bill Gates and Biden, but they don’t see the contradiction in the right-wing ideology of Trump. I was one of them, but two and a half years ago I came across Rapt blog and …