I want to share the joy of finding the answers to the questions I've been searching for my whole life.
“Amazing how Bible prophecies are coming true today!”
“Amazing how Bible prophecies are coming true today!”

“Amazing how Bible prophecies are coming true today!”

In major cities around the world, there were protests against mandatory vaccines and passports this weekend.

I see a situation where information is so polarized that we need to know the truth more than ever.

The North American conspiracy theories about the risks of vaccines are good to know, but I feel that they do not cover the whole fraud situation.

Some of them believe that they will need guns to protect themselves from a leftist government that is pushing for vaccines and compulsory passports.

And all this, they say, has happened because men have become weaker.

But I think it misses the most important thing for us human beings to live by – the truth that comes from the love of God in the Bible.

I gain strength in myself, because I have come to understand the truth. And it is clear to me that I do not need a gun for being strong. My weapon is the truth, the Word of God.

Finally, be strengthened by the Lord and by his vast strength. Put on the full armor of God so that you can stand against the schemes of the devil. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers of this darkness, against evil, spiritual forces in the heavens. For this reason take up the full armor of God, so that you may be able to resist in the evil day, and having prepared everything, to take your stand. Stand, therefore, with truth like a belt around your waist, righteousness like armor on your chest, and your feet sandaled with readiness for the gospel of peace. In every situation take up the shield of faith with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit  — which is the word of God. – Ephesians 6:10-17

〇RAPT article 522 (December 21, 2020) Whether you can succeed and prosper in life depends on whether the Lord is with you or not. For if the Lord is not with you, nothing you do will work; but if the Lord is with you, everything you do will work out.


As you can see in the article I am about to share with you, I was in exactly the same situation.

“I first started reading the Bible when I came across the RAPT blog. I had no interest in religion at all and thought that the Bible was a special book and that only Christians read it.”

In fact, I have dared to stay away from all religions.

However, from that moment on I was fascinated by reading the Bible and I began to think that my life should have started with it.

Here is an article written by Mina-san, one of the twelve disciples.


〇Amazing how Bible prophecies are coming true today!
聖書に書かれた予言が、現在進行形で実現しているという驚き(十二弟子・ミナさんの証) | RAPT理論のさらなる進化形 (rapt-plusalpha.com)

I first started reading the Bible when I came across the RAPT blog.

I had no interest in religion at all and thought that the Bible was a special book and that only Christians read it.

However, when I read the RAPT blog, I found that RAPT-san talked about the Bible in a number of ways, and among them, he mentioned a story that I had always remembered very strongly.

It was only then that I realised it was a Bible story and I was very surprised.

It was a story about a man who gave a few loaves of bread to thousands of people.

I think I was in the early years of primary school when my teacher told me this story and it has stuck with me ever since, even though I have no idea what it means.

My school was an ordinary public primary schools, so I’m not sure why she mentioned it, and my memory of the time before and after is completely lost, but this was the only thing I could remember.

It was so shocking that I even tried it myself a few times to see if it could really happen.

I even tried it a couple of times myself, just to see if it would really happen, just by eating the bread…

I would concentrate on eating it, thinking “I hope there will be enough bread left to share with thousands of people”, but of course there would only be a few crumbs left on the plate.

And I always wondered what the story was about as I stared blankly at the leftover crumbs.

So when RAPT-san revealed the meaning of this story in his blog, I felt so happy that I jumped up and down with excitement.

〇The second biggest taboo of Christianity. Most miracles in the Bible are not miracles.
RAPT | キリスト教最大のタブーその二。聖書に書かれた奇跡はほとんど奇跡ではない。 (rapt-neo.com)

I had no idea why I was so interested in this story, but now I think that the Words of God’s written in the Bible will stay with people even if they don’t understand what they mean.

I also found out that there were other stories in the Bible that I had heard before, and I realized that the stories in the Bible are not so far away from me, but are actually part of our world without us even knowing it.

And I felt that I wanted to read more about the Bible, which is such a fascinating book.

Even though I had never read the Bible before, I was able to understand it because Rapt-san made it easy for me to understand.

Because I could read with understanding, I was able to finish the Bible even if it took me a long time to do so.

The more I read, the more new discoveries I made and the more interesting it became.

〇RAPT article 537 (February 15, 2021) In the Bible, the will and mission prepared by the Lord for each person is written in a sealed form. The Bible contains the Lord’s will and mission for each person, so read the Bible repeatedly and deeply to open the seals and find the Lord’s will and mission.
RAPT | RAPT有料記事537(2021年2月15日)聖書には、一人一人に主が用意した御心と使命が封印されて書かれてある。だから、聖書を繰り返し深く読んでその封印を解き、主の用意した御心と使命を見付けなさい。 (rapt-neo.com)

〇Recommendation of reading the Bible. If you read the Bible, you will become competent.
聖書朗読のススメ。聖書を読めば有能になる。 | RAPT理論のさらなる進化形 (rapt-plusalpha.com)

If it wasn’t for RAPT’s clarification, the Bible would have been too difficult for me to read and I would have fallen behind quickly.

However, RAPT’s explanations of the Bible are all really interesting and easy to understand, and I was drawn in more and more.

〇RAPT article 40 (Feb. 8, 2016) Unraveling the Mystery of Genesis (1)
RAPT | RAPT有料記事40(2016年2月8日) 創世記の謎を解き明かす(1) (rapt-neo.com)

〇RAPT Article 42 (February 15, 2016) Unraveling the Mystery of Genesis (2)
RAPT | RAPT有料記事42(2016年2月15日) 創世記の謎を解き明かす(2) (rapt-neo.com)

If I hadn’t found the RAPT blog, I don’t think I would have ever picked up a Bible in my life.

I know now how much of a waste it would have been if I had lived my whole life without knowing the Bible, but I know now that it would have been more than a waste, it would have been the difference between life and death.

To be able to read and understand the entire Bible to this extent is something that has never been possible in the past, and I am filled with gratitude for RAPT and how blessed and wonderful this age is.

He has told us that only God’s missionaries can reveal the Bible properly, and now RAPT-san is breaking the seals of the Bible one after another!

〇RAPT Paid Article 506 (17 October 2020) All the prophecies in the Bible cannot be revealed to anyone until they are fulfilled. And since it is the Lord’s ministers who fulfil the prophecies, only the Lord’s ministers can reveal them.
RAPT | RAPT有料記事506(2020年10月17日)聖書の預言は全て、それが成就されるまでは誰も解き明かすことができない。そして、その預言を成就するのは主の使命者だから、主の使命者だけがその預言を解き明かすことができる。 (rapt-neo.com)

The Bible is the book of truth and love sent by God to us, the human race.

And RAPT-san, who was sent by God, is revealing the Bible to us and leading us to God.

Please pick up the Bible and read it while reading the paid articles.

You will be amazed at how far the God of the Bible has gone in this age, just as the Bible foretold.

And you will see that the God of the Bible is true to the very core.

I pray that many of you will discover that the God of the Bible is the real God, and that you will live a life filled with His love and grace.

〇RAPT Article 568 (June 20, 2021) The Word of God that taught us why the Lord says that Satan will be destroyed by 2023.
RAPT | RAPT有料記事568(2021年6月20日)なぜ2023年までにサタンが滅びると主が仰っているのか、その理由を教えて下さった御言葉。 (rapt-neo.com)

〇The miracles written in the Bible are actually happening around RAPT-san (testimony of KAWATA, the twelve disciples)
聖書に書かれた奇跡が、RAPTさんの周りでも実際に起きている(十二弟子・KAWATAさんの証) | RAPT理論のさらなる進化形 (rapt-plusalpha.com)

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