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The World is Full of False Health Information. – There was No Cancer, No Nuclear and No Radiation.
The World is Full of False Health Information. – There was No Cancer, No Nuclear and No Radiation.

The World is Full of False Health Information. – There was No Cancer, No Nuclear and No Radiation.

Like many people, I have lived my life thinking that I would have to make my own way in life.

No matter how many problems I encountered and how much pain I went through, no matter who I consulted, there was no one who could understand my situation or my state of mind and show me the right path.

Even my mother’s treatment at the time of her hospitalization was not done with complete understanding and conviction, and in a world where it is considered common sense to trust doctors and leave the treatment to them because it is natural for people not to understand medical matters.

Even so, I did a lot of research to understand as much as I could.

Since it was after the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident, I read about radiation and tried to find the cause of leukemia, and I bought organic vegetables to bring to the hospital.

I had never imagined that nuclear, radiation, and cancer did not exist.

I also never imagined that the health information available in the world was so full of lies.

I never imagined that the health information available in this world would be covered with so many lies.

I never imagined that poisonous chemotherapy would be used to treat diseases that don’t exist and or some talks about natural remedies would cure cancer, or that carrot juice would prevent cancer…


RAPT | RAPT×読者対談〈第114弾〉癌という病気は存在しない。(前編) (rapt-neo.com)
RAPT | RAPT×読者対談〈第115弾〉癌という病気は存在しない。(後編) (rapt-neo.com)

It’s hard to believe that we are living in a system that benefits a few elites, but I guess the Corona fiasco has made it easier for many people to understand.


The most powerful scam method of making something that is not there to be there and earning money with the countermeasure, and the shocking fact that the group of scammers were Satanists called Illuminati.

The Renaissance was the sabotage of Christianity! (odysee.com)
Who is the Devil? (odysee.com)

The RAPT theory is truly a divine work of art, revealing a mechanism of this world that no one has been able to solve.

On the contrary, the Satanists who have been ruling the world with their evil deeds have been hiding the existence of the “spiritual world” from us people.

In this way, we have been living in a society where the lies created by the Illuminati elites have become common knowledge, feeling unfairness and absurdity.

Cancer and corona do not exist, but they are supposed to exist.

God exists, but we have come to believe that He does not exist.

This is exactly what I mean when I say that what has been considered common knowledge is far from the truth.

It was only when I came to know such a shocking fact and began to study the Word of God conveyed by Rapt-san that I was released from the brainwashing of the lies of this world.

In this way, the existence of God has become more solid than I could have imagined before, and when I look around at the world, my heart really hurts.

Especially after the corona scare started, I really feel sorry for those who got the vaccine.

This is because I can see some overlap with my mother’s chemotherapy treatment.

The only way to get correct information is from God.

Even if you have some kind of illness, God will teach you the secret to good health through prayer.

This may sound unbelievable to those of us who have lived for so long in a society full of satanic ideas, but if you read the Word of God you will see that God is very real.

The most secure and happy way to live is to be able to trust God and leave everything to Him.

Hope that many people will come across the Word of God, which is consistent and realistic, and be freed from the brainwashing of the devil (Satan).

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