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By Pursuing a Simple Life, We can Get Closer to the Truth that will Free us from the Brainwashing of the Devil.
By Pursuing a Simple Life, We can Get Closer to the Truth that will Free us from the Brainwashing of the Devil.

By Pursuing a Simple Life, We can Get Closer to the Truth that will Free us from the Brainwashing of the Devil.

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Yesterday was Thanksgiving.

I had dinner with some friends and the topic of conversation was how to get through the vaccine passport system.

One of my friends was a bit surprised to learn that one of their sources, Alex Jones of Infowars (a far-right radio host and conspiracy theorist from Texas, USA), was a member of the Illuminati, after watching a five-hour video on Freemasonry the day before.

I was again surprised to see that they had never doubted it before, and that they really believed him.

But that’s why, even if the information he gives them is contradictory and doesn’t tell the whole story, they don’t pursue it, they just make up their own truth and common sense based on what sounds good, and become a force in the “information war (I call it a spiritual war)”, fight for their own freedom of enjoying entertainment.

I didn’t take part in the conversation too much, because I have seen when they become the man possessed by Satan, but as I did, I remembered something.

One time I was having a conversation with one of the most militant people in the group, and as he listened to me speak he wrote something down on his notepad, and when I had finished speaking, he showed me the note, which read: “Your lips are trembling.

In fact, it was a trembling sensation that I often felt myself when talking to this friend. I could feel that Satan was coming.

A little while later, I was surprised to come across a story in the Word of God that seemed to illustrate this situation.

To put it into perspective, the reason my lips were trembling was not because Satan was in me, but because he was in my friend, and he was scared.

I don’t remember what exactly we were talking about, but I am sure it included the truths I learned from the Word from the RAPT blog.

“Satan is afraid of the truth.”

This is what I experienced and later explained to my friend.

The friend himself took note of what he saw in me, and I thought it would be easy to understand how Satan exists.

He likes to dismiss everything he has never heard (or doesn’t know) by saying “it doesn’t matter”, but I think he felt an unshakable power.

He is always in full fight mode, but I felt like I couldn’t say anything back.

The son of the friend I mentioned in my previous post is exactly this friend’s son, and I could see from their conversations that when he saw his father’s life full of tribulations and hardships, who didn’t take things straight rather curved, he thought “I don’t want to live a complicated life like my father.”

Nevertheless, the father, along with his other friends, said, “My son is so serious and naïve.” He continued to express his anger at the government (left), saying that listening to the government is something only a weakling would do…

And I had to say something.

“Your son is trying to follow a simpler path, observing the adults around him, because he wants to see things straight.

When I came across the RAPT blog, I was shocked by the depth of this spiritual world, knowing that Satan is the one who makes things complicated, but the truth is simple everywhere.

Now, when I review this article again, I feel the power of the Word of God, and at the same time, I know painfully that I have been living a complicated and difficult life because I lived my life without it.

A son in his early twenties and a father in his late fifties.

The son is certainly closer to the truth than the father, considering the short time he has lived in Satan’s brainwashing society.

I hope that he will be able to meet God while pursuing the true and simple way of life without losing the pressure of his father.

In this way, I hoped that he would be surrounded by God’s wavelength of joy, hope, and peace, instead of Satan’s wavelength of anxiety, worry, and anxiety that he has, and that he would know the right path and achieve true success.

I wish that RAPT theory will spread to the world.

May people be free from Satan’s brainwashing and have the true freedom to know everything.

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