I want to share the joy of finding the answers to the questions I've been searching for my whole life.
“Everyone in This World is a King of “Individuality”, a Gift or Talent Designed and Uniquely Assigned by God.
“Everyone in This World is a King of “Individuality”, a Gift or Talent Designed and Uniquely Assigned by God.

“Everyone in This World is a King of “Individuality”, a Gift or Talent Designed and Uniquely Assigned by God.

When I came across the RAPT blog, I learned about the importance of developing one’s individuality and talents, and was taught that by actually making an effort to develop them, one’s life can change drastically and lead a truly happy life.

I used to take lessons from time to time, but the purpose was to fill the emptiness I felt in my life in Tokyo, where all I did was work.

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Just because I learned something doesn’t mean I can make a living from it, I thought.

So, I have not put much effort into developing my own individuality and talents, let alone finding them.

But RAPT-san taught us firsthand that it is only when you put your life into developing your individuality and talents for decades and years that you can finally make a name for yourself in your field and live a truly happy life.

He also taught us that God created all human beings to be born with ‘individuality’ and created them with ‘talents’ according to their individuality.

When I found out about it, I was filled with joy, “I always wanted to live like that”.

🌸”Everyone in this world is a king of “individuality”. RAPT有料記事59 (2016年4月16日)この世の誰もが「個性」の王様だ。 (rapt-neo.com) (Japanese)

Until now, our society has been a system where only the children of the Illuminati can profit from it, but with their internal struggle becoming more intense day by day, I am happy to think that from now on, there will be more opportunities for us ordinary people to show our individuality and talents.

I hope that the RAPT blog will reach people all over the world and that many people will be able to live a happy life by developing their own individuality and talents.

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The articles presented below are written in Japanese. You can use translation software such as this one.

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