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Day: <span>12 October 2021</span>
Day: 12 October 2021

By Pursuing a Simple Life, We can Get Closer to the Truth that will Free us from the Brainwashing of the Devil.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. I had dinner with some friends and the topic of conversation was how to get through the vaccine passport system. One of my friends was a bit surprised to learn that one of their sources, Alex Jones of Infowars (a far-right radio host and conspiracy theorist from Texas, USA), was a member of the Illuminati, after watching a five-hour video on Freemasonry the day before. I was again surprised to see that they had never doubted it before, and that they really believed him. But that’s why, even if the information he gives them is contradictory and doesn’t tell the whole story, they don’t pursue it, they …