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Day: <span>24 July 2021</span>
Day: 24 July 2021

The truth is not to be found on the right or the left, but on the straight path that leads the feet away from evil.

I saw an Instagram advertisement recently from Shoppers Drug Mart said “Moderna COVID-19 vaccines* available for individuals 18+: Walk-ins accepted.” and felt that there is something going on. And I found this article. Pharmacists scramble to use leftover Moderna doses before expiry *** Extracted from the above; “People are sort of fixated on Pfizer,” said Jordan Clark, owner of a Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacy in Ottawa’s west end. Clark said many people continue to be uncomfortable with the idea of dose mixing between Pfizer and Moderna, despite guidance from the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) which says it’s safe to combine the mRNA vaccines.” *** Why people are sort of fixated on Pfizer? Probably …