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spiritual world
spiritual world

By Changing your Thoughts, you will be on the Path to Peace, to Blessing.

As the Corona fiasco drags on, I am grateful every day for the miracle that I am able to stay in a state of peace in my heart while the wavelength of anger of the people around me grows stronger day by day. It’s all because of the RAPT blog, which has helped me realize the importance of changing myself = changing my “thoughts”. When I listen to the conversations of the people around me, I feel that they suffer from a very strong sense of “I am right”. “I am right”, but the government (left) is wrong. The people who believe what the government says are wrong. Isn’t the …

“How to fundamentally destroy Satanists. It starts with knowing the secrets of the “spiritual world”.

As of October 30, the mandatory vaccination of air and rail passengers departing from Canada has been announced. It applies to all passengers, regardless of the nationality of the aircraft or the destination of the aircraft, departing from any airport in the country. ---------------- (From an email from the Consulate-General of Japan, translated from Japanese to English by DeepL.) On 6 October, the Canadian federal government announced that, as of 30 October, all federally regulated aviation, rail and maritime operators will be required to vaccinate their employees. In addition, as of October 30, passengers on airplanes departing from Canadian airports, VIA Rail and Rocky Mountain Rail will be required to …